29 April 2010

Emo pants! And a poem, sort of.

Sooo... I made the mistake of showing someone I know a poem I wrote last year. And now they've encouraged me to pursue my writing and "develop my skills." I figured, after I was done studying for the night, "What the heck?" I searched my memories and decided to write about how I've been feeling about lots of things. Feel free to lob rotten fruit.. er, comment! ;)

The Dance Ends

I've been thinking
is this how it ends?

I've been wondering
was there something I should have done?

Then I remember
Trust is not owed
Trust is earned.

I won't do it again
I've won this time
even tho it feels like I've lost.

I've lost so much
that I don't know how to feel
when I've won.

I'm the dog who has chased cars
and finally caught one
and don't know what to do with it.

I will learn
one way or the other
how to handle this.

My successes
and my failures
are no longer your property.

I have learned to stand up
for myself, for others
and no longer need you belittling me.

I will be so much happier
than I thought possible.

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